License Key Explanation
Price Breakdown
list item 1

A licence key is required to receive leads

A licence key is unique and can only be used once. Licence keys must be purchased by the member firm or member’s head office and cannot be transferred or sold in accordance with the members terms and conditions.

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Once purchased the license key must be assigned and activated before leads can be received.

Only one licence key can be used per service and geographical area, for example, one licence key is required for ‘Residential Sales in ‘Coventry’. If you also wanted to access ‘Residential Lettings in Coventry’ a second licence would need to be purchased.

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The charge for licence keys will be made on a monthly rolling basis.

Multiple licences can be purchased and there is no restriction as to how many licences can be bought by a member agency or their head office. Discounts will be applicable to multiple licences purchased by a member in accordance with the pricing breakdown.

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Licence key validity runs from the start of the month to the end of the month, irrelevant of the date it is purchased or activated

For example, if a licence is purchased on the 15th of the month the use of that licence will expire at the end of the month and will be renewed from the 1st of the following month at the full monthly charge. A licence key will remain chargeable until cancelled.

list item 5

When a licence is cancelled it will expire on the last day of the current month

Once the current month ends the licence key becomes redundant and access to the assigned service will cease. In order to reinstate a service a new licence key will need to be purchased and assigned.

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Information about refunds

Refunds can only be actioned by request through the ticketing system and will only be granted on licences that have not been activated. Refunds will only be given for the current month and no refunds will be given for licences that were not activated for previous months. Once a licence key has been activated no refund shall be given.

No. Licenses Discount Applied Price
1 No Discount £59.99
+ VAT per licence
2-5 5% Discount £56.99
+ VAT per licence
6-10 10% Discount £53.99
+ VAT per licence
11+ 15% discount £50.99
+ VAT per licence

Please note: When the licenses are purchased you will get a one time access code which are available in the license key section – these can be distributed to your sub offices for them to register via the site.